Seed SD-X1 The Pro X1
Seed SD-X1 The Pro X1
Seed SD-X1 The Pro X1
Seed SD-X1 The Pro X1
Seed SD-X1 The Pro X1

Seed SD-X1 The Pro X1

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The SD-X1 Pro X1 is optimised for a lower, tour-preferred flight and maximum driver distance. Players who choose it are likely to low handicap or stronger swingers looking for maximum distance off the tee.

As we all know everyone's swing is different so robot testing will only offer suggestions for a 'robotic swing'. Since we can't all swing it like Adam Scott, it's best to try several out – there will be a Seed for your game.

How does it feel you ask? The new X1 model is similar in feel to the old SD-01. It fits nicely in between the New SD-01 and the softer SD-05. Or relative to other manufactures, it is similar to a ProV1. 


- Construction: Three-piece, urethane cover 
- Compression: Firm Models: White


- 3-Piece construction with cast urethane cover
- High compression High Energy Rubber Core (EngCore)
- HPF mantle for optimised driver spin and increased carry distance - New formula cast urethane cover
- 332 dimple design for piercing ball flight


- Lower launch and lower spin for stronger ball flight
- Excellent control from 100 yards and in
- Improved construction and compression distribution for more distance and feel
- Alignment device for optimal alignment 

If you don't want to buy in Bulk, remember you can avail of this low price(€29/box) by Subscribing Here.

Customer Reviews

Based on 162 reviews
Damien Doran (Dublin, IE)
Age: 55
Handicap: 9
Damien Doran

There a great ball the SD.x1 are thay still a bit soft ? Thay definitely last longer good spin around the greens overall good ball .is there a ball like the TP5 you make .

Paul Timbs (Naas, IE)
Handicap: 12
You should try

Currently not great weather for golf but I have to say these feel very very good to me. Normally play Pro V1s - these to me are every bit as good so far. Will really need to try them out in Spring / Summer to get a proper feel. I'll stick with cheap & cheerful balls for the winter season.

Eoin O Mara (Dublin, IE)
Age: 60
Handicap: 9
Golf balls

Yeah all gud . Ball is very playable.

Jeff Martin (Dublin, IE)
Age: 36
Handicap: 8.3
Seed sd-x1

Good ball just find a bit of a difference with the pro v I’m used too , flight and distance, but nothing I didn’t 4see, happy and excited to keep using the balls

James Blackwell (Dublin, IE)
Age: 27
Handicap: 5
A great alternative to the Pro V1

I previously used the Vice Pro as my direct to consumer Pro V1. This feels a little bit softer and holds up well. Will be my new gamer.