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Seed SD-X1 The Pro X1 | Subscription
Barry Doak (Dublin, IE)
Age: 58
Handicap: 9

This is the second time my order was not delivered on time. Also the golf balls delivered were all the same number which I was not happy about. If I am a subscription customer I would have thought that my order would be prioritised. But this is obviously not the case.

SD-01 The Pro One | YellowAF
Richard Ryan (Dublin, IE)
Age: 40
Handicap: 4
Yellow AF

Really good ball. Only reservation is the ball started cutting up but to be fair that way be how I am hitting it with the wedges. I like the product flies as far as the proV1 for sure.

SD-01 The Pro One | YellowAF
Donal O’Connor (Dublin, IE)
Age: 36
Handicap: 10
SD-01 The Pro One, Yellow AF

Great ball, I started using seed over a year ago and love them, wouldn’t go back to buying any other ball, great value and quality! I love the new yellow!

SD-01 The Pro One | YellowAF
joe hoctor (Bray, IE)
Age: 47
Handicap: 5
the pro

fantastic ball. i usually play chrome soft x ls triple track but tried these for something different and boy ,was i not disappointed. great feel, great distance. putts well. pulls up well out of bunkers. i will be keeping them in the bag

SD-01 The Pro One
Mike Ryan (Tipperary, IE)
Age: 61
Handicap: 2.6
Great golf ball

Bought a dozen SD - 01 and find them every bit as good as Pro V1 and a lot cheaper.

Seed SD-02 The Pro Tour
Dave Curran (Dublin, IE)
Age: 40
Handicap: 13.6
Good stuff!

Previously ordered SD-X1 and was impressed. Out of stock this time around so tried the SD-02. Another superb ball from the Seed team!

SD-01 The Pro One
Dónal Ó hÓbáin (Dublin, IE)
Age: 65
Handicap: 11.0
Good ball. Does cut up a bit.

Ball plays well but is prone to cutting up. The cover seems to be softer than a premium ball.

Seed SD-15 The Jack
Bruce Rogers (Canberra, AU)

Pretty good ball for the price

Age: 63
Handicap: 9.9
Guy Scott

Hi great product. As good as any premium ball. Happen to be Bens dad from Quack and of course missed the discount by a day !!!

Age: 36
Handicap: 8.4
Great ball and great value

I've been using the sd-x1 for a few years now and I absolutely love them. Great feel, and control. I used to use Pro v1's but I can't find much difference between the 2 balls except the price

Seed SD-X1 The Pro X1 | Subscription
Shaun Fahey (Dublin, IE)

Seed SD-X1 The Pro X1 | Subscription

SD-01 The Pro One
Jason Seitz (Dublin, IE)
Age: 39
Handicap: 11
Seed SD 01

Great golf ball for feel and distance control. Outer cover wears excellent, does not cut up or tear, even after 4-5 rounds

Seed SD-15 Country Mile - GreenAF
Joe Byrne (Dublin, IE)
Age: 62
Handicap: 25
Excellent ball

The Green AF does exactly what it staes ,its also easier to spot .

SD-01 The Pro One
John O'Gorman (Limerick, IE)
Age: 74
Handicap: 18

Very good

Seed SD-05 The Pro Soft
George Murray (Dublin, IE)
Age: 58
Handicap: 10
Seed balls

Good golf balls Good feel and good control

SD-01 The Pro One
Graham Gilroy (Bray, IE)
Age: 49
Handicap: 19
Seed 01 the pro one

What a golf ball, super soft and excellent around the greens

Age: 66
Handicap: 10
Very good - a little expensive

Very good quality but a little more expensive than competive offerings and I paid what is supposed to be a "reduced price" Nothing unique about it

SD-01 The Pro One
ALK (Ballymoneen, IE)
Age: 68
Handicap: 21

Good quality and good around the greens

SD-01 The Pro One | YellowAF
John Gleeson (Dublin, IE)
Age: 51
Handicap: 18


Seed SD-05 The Pro Soft
Richie Moore (Drogheda, IE)
Age: 41
Handicap: 15
Seed SD-05

I changed to these from the SD-X1 becuase i wanted to try something with a slightly high ball flight and a softer landing. I've used these for the last 2 rounds and am really happy. They did exactly what they said they would, they feel great off the club face. Overall, very happy, will buy again.

SD-01 The Pro One
Michael (Dún Laoghaire, IE)
Age: 33
Handicap: 8
Great value

Brilliant golf balls which spin really nicely off the irons and wedges on approach shots. At the price they’re a no brainer.

Seed SD-02 The Pro Tour
John Dowdall (Dublin, IE)
Age: 50
Handicap: 13


SD-15 Country Mile | GreenAF
Niall Troy (Manchester, GB)
Age: 61
Handicap: 9.7

All good

SD-01 The Pro One
Vincent O'Malley (Galway, IE)
Age: 45
Handicap: 12

Top quality golf ball at a good price

Seed SD-70 The Tee Bag
Cocchi Giovanni (Brescia, IT)
Age: 76
Handicap: 9.0

The the bag is very useful during the practices trining