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SD-57 The Paddy Cap
Miquel Torres Oliver (Mol, BE)
Age: 35
Handicap: 13
Love it!

I bought it in 2 colors and it is a joy to wear. Fits perfectly well and it is stylish, nice and warm for the winter. Totally recommend it.

Age: 50
Handicap: 15

I like it but I think I’ve lost a bit of distance in my drives I would have a fast enough swing so maybe I’m using the wrong ball

Seed SD-X1 The Pro X1 | Subscription
Damien Doran (Dublin, IE)
Age: 55
Handicap: 9
Damien Doran

There a great ball the SD.x1 are thay still a bit soft ? Thay definitely last longer good spin around the greens overall good ball .is there a ball like the TP5 you make .

Seed SD-15 Country Mile
Peter McDonnell (Skerries, IE)
Age: 51
Handicap: 15
Awful / only kidding

For me playing off 15 I have nothing but good things to say about this ball - good length and good feel around the greens - little extra length took a bit of getting used to but love supporting an Irish company where quality is the same as established brands

Age: 33
Handicap: 15
Perfect winter balls

Lost a few balls that were fairway or fairway adjacent, so I knew I needed winter colored balls.
They smash off the driver, easy to track in air and standout near leaves.
Spin wasn't as bad as I expected

Seed SD-15 Country Mile
David Cadwallader (Celbridge, IE)
Age: 37
Handicap: 18

Seed SD-15 Country Mile

Seed SD-02 The Pro Tour | Subscription
Pat Mockler (Dublin, IE)
Age: 68
Handicap: 20

Excellent golf ball suits my game perfectly.
Love them.

Seed SD-15 Country Mile - GreenAF
John Flynn (Naas, IE)
Age: 67
Handicap: Handicap Index = 19.7
Seed Neon Green Country Mile golf ball

Excellent distance and brilliant to see in the grey light of Winter....

Seed SD-X1 The Pro X1
Paul Timbs (Naas, IE)
Handicap: 12
You should try

Currently not great weather for golf but I have to say these feel very very good to me. Normally play Pro V1s - these to me are every bit as good so far. Will really need to try them out in Spring / Summer to get a proper feel. I'll stick with cheap & cheerful balls for the winter season.

Age: 69
Handicap: 9
Seed glove

Fine product except I got wrong size
S D X1 ball superb

Age: 40
Handicap: 18.7

Excellent ball at an unbelievable price

Seed SD-X1 The Pro X1
Eoin O Mara (Dublin, IE)
Age: 60
Handicap: 9
Golf balls

Yeah all gud . Ball is very playable.

SD-151 The Full Irish Umbrella
Paul Brown (Limerick, IE)
Age: 44
Handicap: 9
Great umbrella

So far I’ve used this umbrella a few times in some very wet and windy weather. It stood up to every test without a care. It’s bigger than a standard golf umbrella for added protection. Definitely recommend.

Seed SD-15 Country Mile - GreenAF
Karl Fitzsimons (Dublin, IE)
Age: 51
Handicap: 1
Seesd SD-15

Great Ball and value for money would love to see them in orange too for winter also be great if x1 came in green too

Seed SD-X1 The Pro X1 | Subscription
Jeff Martin (Dublin, IE)
Age: 36
Handicap: 8.3
Seed sd-x1

Good ball just find a bit of a difference with the pro v I’m used too , flight and distance, but nothing I didn’t 4see, happy and excited to keep using the balls

Age: 22

Great balls and delivered in one day , only problem hard to find with colour of balls with winter weather and leaves but is understandable , no issues other wise

Age: 75
Handicap: 20
Love The Green Seed Balls

I just love these green Seed balls. So easy to see, and really great for winter golf, easy to find amongst the leaves. I am a real Seed balls and have been using them since their launch. Keep it up guys!

Seed SD-02 The Pro Tour
Declan (Lehinch, IE)
Age: 56
Handicap: 1

Good all round golf ball. Some odd unexpected results too, not sure whether its Archer, the Bow or the Arrow??

Seed SD-X1 The Pro X1
James Blackwell (Dublin, IE)
Age: 27
Handicap: 5
A great alternative to the Pro V1

I previously used the Vice Pro as my direct to consumer Pro V1. This feels a little bit softer and holds up well. Will be my new gamer.

Seed SD-05 The Pro Soft | Subscription
Vinny Murtagh (Dublin, IE)
Age: 61
Handicap: 11
Seed sd05

I find the ball has a bit too much spin off the driver for me.

Seed SD-15 Country Mile | Subscription
Quinton Carroll (Sligo, IE)
Age: 51
Handicap: 17
Very enjoyable balls to play with

I am really enjoying playing with the SD-15 balls. I usually play with a softer ball but I'm not seeing much difference closer to and around the greens. They go like a rocket off the tee.

Seed SD-02 Trial Pack | Subscription
John Hoverty (Dublin, IE)
Age: 56
Handicap: 13

Seed SD-02 Trial Pack | Subscription

Age: 48
Handicap: 19
Great ball at a great price

These balls are a bargain! The colour makes them easy to see in the wintery months and brighten up a gloomy day. They come off the driver face well at 95/105 club speed and don't over-compress like some super soft balls, but don't feel hard. They seem to spin enough to stop on greens and feel nice off the putter face. I purchased the 100 loose balls saving on unneeded packaging. Where else can you find such a good ball for 1euro each help out a small brand from your own country keeping the money in the local econemy and help the environment with less packaging? They were on my doorstep in 2 days.

Seed SD-X1 The Pro X1
Neil Mccluskey (Belfast, GB)
Age: 48
Handicap: 7
Pro X1

Swapped out for Pro V1 a week ago , played parkland and a links course this week and really happy .

Seed SD-15 The Jack
E (Dublin, IE)
Handicap: 42

Really helped with my 2nd shot. Great alignment for putting too