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Seed SD-15 The Jack
Tom Collins (Limerick, IE)
Age: 73
Handicap: 20
Seed SD-15 The Jack

I really enjoy using the Jack..all round good ball for a Senior golfer..distance and nice roll off the putter.

SD-01 The Pro One
Eddie Harrold (Dublin, IE)
Age: 60
Handicap: 15
Satisfied customer

Super ball. Great value for money. I also won my Club,s Captains prize using a Seed golf ball

Seed SD-15 The Jack | Subscription
Jarleth Kelly (Tuam, IE)
Age: 58
Handicap: 18 ,

I’ve used them a few times , with good results,
So I’ll keep using them , a winner of a captains prize & 2nd in a presidents, so why not 💪

Seed SD-15 The Jack
Alan Woods (Dublin, IE)
Age: 67
Handicap: 21
SD15 the jack

Good distance ball with the added assistance of the Jack markings to help with the alignment of putts

Seed SD-X1 The Jack
Rory Mc Kiernan (Dublin, IE)
Age: 42
Handicap: 31.4

Love everything about them ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

SD-01 The Pro One
Joseph O Connor (Dublin, IE)
Age: 81
Handicap: 21

SD-01 The Pro One

Seed SD-15 Country Mile
Mary Lynam (Dublin, IE)
Age: 64
Handicap: 24

Dull sounding off the tee and certainly no distance

Seed SD-02 The Pro Tour
Age: 79
Handicap: 22
SD02 brilliant

I played different makes of expensive balls last week in Spain. I had taken 4 SD 02 with me. The consistency in both driving distance and putting accuracy was brilliant and better than other makes. I must try a selection of seed balls as certainly the SD-02 has proved to be better for my golf.

SD-49 The Pro Cup
Greg Price (Dublin, IE)
Age: 64
Handicap: 16
The Pro Cup

EWorlds great and the fact that it is adjustable is even better.

SD-151 The Full Irish Umbrella - Black
Sven Van der ven (Dublin, IE)
Age: 41
Handicap: 10


SD-02 & Bunker Mag
Richard (Dublin, IE)
Age: 32
Handicap: 14.0

Fast delivery! Lower ball flight with my irons, doesn't seem to last as long however as other similar brands, as the outer layer chips easier the more it's used. Bunker magazine wasn't in the last subscription package.

Seed SD-X1 The Pro X1
Ciarán Carey (Waterford, IE)
Age: 36
Handicap: 7.8
Seed SD-X1 The Pro X1

Excellent ball. Love chipping around the greens now

SD-01 The Pro One | YellowAF
Philip Brennan (Dublin, IE)
Age: 70
Handicap: 5.3

The SD01 is an excellent ball for distance and feel and may not only be as good as Titleist but I think it is better.It is certainly a better ball for touch and feel when chipping and putting.

SD-01 The Pro One | YellowAF
Nelson Rodriguez (Viseu, PT)
Age: 53
Handicap: 12
Great performance at a great price

I played the yellow SD-01 for the first time in a 2 day tournament in Portugal. I was hitting the ball miles longer than the ProV1. I had 2 eagles and 3 birdies on the last day which helped win the tournament.

Seed SD-70 The Tee Bag
Dean Hacker (Amsterdam, NL)
Age: 45
Handicap: 20
Great tees!

What do I need from a tee? I need to be able to find one easily in the most disorganized pocket of my bag. The bright green color helps me do that really well. They meet all other expectations of a wooden tee. Excellent!!

SD-01 The Pro One
Seán O Caoimh (Cork, IE)
Age: 66
Handicap: 16
Good ball

Very good ball. Great distance off the tee.

Age: 61
Handicap: 12
Seed umbrella

Great umbrella. Really wide diameter. Covers everything. I think its a small bit heavy especially when sitting in the golf cart holder and going uphill it has toppled backwards. Otherwise I would highly recommend it.

SD-01 & Bunker Mag
Brendan Kavanagh (Dublin, IE)
Age: 63
Handicap: 18
Bunker mag

For the second time I have got my balls I didn’t get the magazine. Not good

Seed SD-X1 The Pro X1 | Subscription
Andrew Baldwin (Dublin, IE)
Age: 36
Handicap: 10
Great ball, great company

Hi there I have been a seeder for a while now and played with SD01, x1, 02 and 05
I really like these balls and i find they react as you would expect from a premium ball, their durability is nothing short of outstanding and if i get around without losing one I am more than happy to tee the same ball up again in my next round.
I love the feel off the putter face and can trust how it comes off and rolls true on the green.
I also use seed balls for my putting and wedge practice.

SD-01 & Bunker Mag
Greville Stockil (Dublin, IE)
Couldn't tell you, wasn't sent Again

No support from Seed, missing delivery complaint not addressed or acknowledged. A man eventually came to my door, delivery was left at his farm gate. Bunker magazine missing from package again!

SD-01 Trial Pack | Subscription
Lee Mckenna (Dublin, IE)
Age: 44
Handicap: 7

I only got a bag of tees

Seed SD-15 Country Mile | Subscription
John D (Santa Cruz de Tenerife, ES)
Age: 63
Handicap: 19
Reply to seed survey

Very happy with the balls. But I don’t want them coming in the door every other month. I like to order when I need them

Seed SD-X1 The Pro X1
Clive Martin (Dublin, IE)

Seed SD-X1 The Pro X1

Seed SD-X1 The Pro X1
Rory Mc Kiernan (Naas, IE)
Age: 42
Handicap: 31
Seed ProX1

Love everything about this premium ball

Seed SD-02 The Pro Tour
Donal (Dublin, IE)
Age: 35
Handicap: 17.1
Great ball - can we get it in yellow and the jack please

Having played the Sd-01 & sd-x1, the SD-02 suits my game best. The lower ball flight is consistent and the best ball I have played with in the wind and on links.