Back in 2015, after a round, Dean Klatt and a couple of mates got together and decided to do 'something' about high ball prices.

Premium tour grade golf balls were expensive, and the choice was often overwhelming and confusing. Which ball was best? It was hard to say. The guys had tired of all the “longest / straightest / best on tour” marketing hype from the big brands. And as one commented after a particularly rough day, 'losing expensive balls isn't fun'.

They suspected they weren’t the only ones...
So, this small group decided to set out and change the way golfers bought their equipment. Great gear, but without all the BS – just solid equipment that performed and didn’t cost a small fortune.

Seed was formed because we wanted to make people as passionate about the game of golf as we are. We also wanted to create golf gear that delivered great performance for golfers like us, and left enough cash to shout your mates at the bar after a round

Our aim is to make the game more affordable, more enjoyable and more accessible for more people.
It’s taken a couple of years to get to this point, but we're well on the way.

And believe us – there’s much, much more to come

But why start another golf company?

Simple. To help more people enjoy the game as much as we do.

What does that mean?
It means giving regular golfers the option to play with high performing equipment for less money. It means giving golfers a better product, and a better way to buy. It also means no marketing hype, no crazy performance claims and no expensive celebrity endorsements.
Any reviews of our gear you’ll find are genuine and unsolicited. They’re not paid ads, they’re actual feedback from other golfers. Anytime you see our logo on something, it’s because of mutual respect and shared love of the game.

What you can expect from Seed are products that perform extremely well, at a price that makes golf more fun for more players.
And really, that’s what Seed is all about.

Sounds good, but where do you start?


Why? Because we’re all going to lose a few balls out there, but should we have to second-guess a shot, or hold back because we’re thinking about how much we paid for that ball? Hell no. And you shouldn't have to sacrifice performance to save a few bucks either.
The thing is golf balls are the most regulated piece of equipment in your bag: size, weight, shape, ball speed, spin rates, initial velocity and total distance – they’re all regulated by the USGA and R&A. Ball design is now more evolution than revolution. That creates a level playing field, which creates an opportunity.
That, combined with our subscription based e-commerce business model, allows us deliver a stand out product at an outstanding price.

The man behind the balls

Seed was founded by Dean Klatt in defiance of the corporate monoliths that use their dominance to dictate the direction of our game… what brand or product you should use and how much you should pay for it.

Seed is on a mission to change the way golfers think about their equipment, how they buy it and how they play it.

Dean worked for several well known golf brands all over the world. He started out with smaller, independent companies before working for larger, global brands. Getting behind the curtain and seeing how the big guys operate was a revelation.

“I really didn’t like what I was seeing. Performance and innovation were stagnating, yet prices kept going up. Design was driven more by market share gains and everyday players were seen as sales targets. The marketing departments had taken over. I was in danger of becoming just another sales spruiker, toeing the company line at the expense of what was best for real golfers.”

It led to the classic fork in the road – continue down the safe, well trodden corporate path or blow it all up and build his own company around the belief that all golfers should be able to play what's best for their game.

“ I wanted to fundamentally change the way people buy golf equipment and build a brand around great products at affordable prices. And I wanted to make golf more fun - that underpins everything we do.”

Official ball of the PGA EuroPro Tour.

Most golfers, when trying to save a little money on balls, choose either a lower performing two piece ball, or worse, a beat up old lake ball. Neither is ideal.

We decided to fix that, and design a ball that offered tour performance at a lake ball price.

All we needed to do was develop a ball that played as well as anything out there. And that's not easy.

We partnered with Enterprise Ireland, the Institute of Technology Carlow, DesignCORE, the Department of Aerospace Engineering and one of the leading golf ball design companies in the world to fine tune our designs and prototypes.

That process took nearly two years, and the first result was the SD•01.

It’s a three piece construction with a cast urethane cover. It’s about as long as we can legally make it off the tee, but with enough spin and control from 100 yards in (where you really need it).

It’s the perfect combo really. You’re welcome.


Seed was founded on a simple concept... premium performance, tour grade golf equipment shouldn't be expensive.

That's a big claim, but we felt we had the ability to develop products that performed just as well as the big boys. And by using a modern method of sale & delivery, we could deliver those products directly to you for less.

The big brands don't like talking about it, but USGA and R&A equipment regulations mean the playing field has been levelled for all golf brands.
The large jumps in performance gains you saw 5 or 10 years ago aren’t really there anymore. Product design is now more evolution than revolution, meaning expensive technology is often developed that doesn't improve performance for the regular golfer. That adds to the retail price, yet the acceptance of e-commerce and the rise of the subscription economy allows a small company like Seed a chance to change the game.

By eliminating extra layers of cost from the traditional golf business model, you save around 40-50% without sacrificing performance, quality or durability.

Customers in 34 countries would suggest that's proving very popular.

We’re quickly building a community of avid golfers who love our balls and our mission.

With every step, we cut costs out of the traditional business model and pass those savings onto to you.

Our mission is to save you money and improve your game.

So, how can Seed offer golf balls for almost half the price of comparable “big” brand golf balls, with similar performance?

* Our focus is designing a small range of balls that address the key performance benefits for each category, limiting the need for expensive R&D costs
* We don’t spend millions on endorsements with PGA Tour players - we're more interested in how our balls perform for you.
* We bypass the normal distribution channels, and cut out the traditional middlemen.
* We ship directly to you, at the lowest possible price.
* Our delivery plans mean you get our best price, delivered directly to you.

Same Performance. Half The Price™.

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