SD-01 The Pro One | YellowAF
SD-01 The Pro One | YellowAF
SD-01 The Pro One | YellowAF
SD-01 The Pro One | YellowAF

SD-01 The Pro One | YellowAF

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As good as anything out there, at a price everyone can afford™.

When we launched the SD-01, it quickly became our most popular ball.

The combination of distance, feel and overall performance helped us find customers all over the world.

It's hard to believe that launch was nearly 5 years ago and we're now talking about the 3rd generation SD-01 ball design. Time flies!

In golf, there's always room for improvement but it's a big risk changing a popular ball like the SD-01...  it's not easy to do, people like the original so why change?

Because there's always room for improvement.

We've been working on enhancing and improving performance of the SD-01 by making subtle changes to the original design. Our test results have been off-the-charts, and it's safe to say this is the best ball we've ever produced.

SD-01 3rd Gen was inspired by your feedback, and that feedback has been invaluable to the team and me here at Seed.

The new SD-01 see's us enhance the overall performance (improved ball speed, increased distance and spin rates) and most importantly improved on that great soft feel for more responsiveness off the club (particularly the shorter clubs and putter).

We've developed one of thinnest urethane covers in golf, at just 0.0275" thick (ProV1 is 0.0300" by comparison) and a new, faster core that we've dubbed SeedSpeed.

What does all that mean?

Well, this ones the perfect combination of distance, feel and short game spin.

Here are some of the features of the SD-01 3rd Gen:

  • 3 piece Tour construction (like a Pro-V1)
  • Larger 'SeedSpeed' Core
  • Ultra Thin 0.0275" Urethane cover
  • Thinner, more responsive mantle layer
  • New urethane cover formulation for softer feel

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Customer Reviews

Based on 75 reviews
Richard Ryan (Dublin, IE)
Age: 40
Handicap: 4
Yellow AF

Really good ball. Only reservation is the ball started cutting up but to be fair that way be how I am hitting it with the wedges. I like the product flies as far as the proV1 for sure.

Donal O’Connor (Dublin, IE)
Age: 36
Handicap: 10
SD-01 The Pro One, Yellow AF

Great ball, I started using seed over a year ago and love them, wouldn’t go back to buying any other ball, great value and quality! I love the new yellow!

joe hoctor (Bray, IE)
Age: 47
Handicap: 5
the pro

fantastic ball. i usually play chrome soft x ls triple track but tried these for something different and boy ,was i not disappointed. great feel, great distance. putts well. pulls up well out of bunkers. i will be keeping them in the bag

Guy Scott
Age: 63
Handicap: 9.9
Guy Scott

Hi great product. As good as any premium ball. Happen to be Bens dad from Quack and of course missed the discount by a day !!!

John Gleeson (Dublin, IE)
Age: 51
Handicap: 18