Seed Golf Ball Bundle | Try Them All
Seed Golf Ball Bundle | Try Them All
Seed Golf Ball Bundle | Try Them All
Seed Golf Ball Bundle | Try Them All

Seed Golf Ball Bundle | Try Them All

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The best value golf ball deal – ever!

Seed golf balls are already half the price of the ‘big boys’, yet offer amazing performance & durability.

If you’re unsure which one to try, why not buy this bundle and try them all.

Keep them for yourself, or share some with your friends… either way you’ll get great performing balls delivered straight to your door for a fraction of the normal cost.

Why not try every new Seed? Order Now.

Customer Reviews

Based on 33 reviews
Roy Tuxford (Crewe, GB)
Age: 68
Handicap: 14
Unsure which Seed, try a bundle.

Not sure which Seed ball might suit my game I tried a bundle:-
SD15 - Country Mile, a softer feeling ball at an extremely competitive price, perhaps not as durable as others but at this price why would you care!
SD05 - Pro Soft - a quality ball with a soft feel similar to an AVX but cheaper.
SD01 - a firmer feeling ball and some might find the sound off driver right through to Putter too clicky. Once I got used to the sound I realised I was able to compress this ball better and obtain a few extra yards. Durable, straight and with greenside spin. This is the ball for me.
Excellent service from Seed, all of these balls are playable and there should be one to suit you.

Joseph Tackney (Cavan, IE)
Age: 37
Handicap: 22

I usually use Vice Pro Soft, I wanted to give Seed ago as there an Irish company. So far I have used the SD 05. I have to say they seem to perform very similar if not slightly longer than the Vice alternative. Definitely worth a try.

Kenneth Seery (Leixlip, IE)

Great ball loved the performance of the sd01

Marc Cummins (Wembley, GB)

Great product, hopefully the price does not keep rising!!

Philip Scott (Fareham, GB)
Very impressed

Only tried the SD-05 Ball so far after ordering the try me bundle but like it alot .