SD-15 Country Mile | GreenAF - LOOSE GOLF BALLS
SD-15 Country Mile | GreenAF - LOOSE GOLF BALLS
SD-15 Country Mile | GreenAF - LOOSE GOLF BALLS

SD-15 Country Mile | GreenAF - Bulk Buy

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Love the SD-15 Greens? Well why not stock up with some loose balls. These are the exact same balls as our bestselling Jacks. Only difference - they're not in their usual sleeves and box. 

Don't worry, we'll still wrap these up for you and ship them carefully but they won't be in their usual sleeves and box. Who wants that extra waste anyways? AND you can grab these at a discount!

These are actually the balls we as staff play with but we've now decided to to let you in on this deal(while they last)!

The SD-15 Greens in packaging start at €20/dozen. 

Save by buying in bulk with no packaging. From €1/Ball! 

24 Balls - €29 (Save €9)
48 Balls - €55 (Save €13)
96 Balls - €96 (Save €24)

A great ball for golfers who want distance, durability and feel (and colour).

The long lama is Now GreenAF.

The new Matte Green SD-15 coating provides an anti-glare effect with better visibility in the sky and on the ground, particularly on those grey winter days. 

Same low compression core and Surlyn cover.

So why not add some colour to your game.

BTW, our SD-25 Shag Bag can hold 100+ balls. If the 15s aren't your usual gamers, never mix your range balls up again filling it will some SD-15 GreenAf balls.

Customer Reviews

Based on 19 reviews
Sarah Stephens (Dublin, IE)

SD-15 Country Mile | GreenAF - Bulk Buy

Jim Duggan (Cork, IE)
Age: 61
Handicap: 11
Great Balls!

I am totally converted to using Seed golf balls. Great product and great service.

Vivien (Tullamore, IE)
Age: 56
Handicap: 9
Great golf ball

Golf ball plays like a more premium product. Love the colour.

Kieran Reddy (Galway, IE)
Age: 59
Handicap: 23
Excellent ball

Having played the Srixon AD333 ball for many years, I find this ball to be very similar off the tee and on the green. What I love most about this ball is the fluorescent green colour. As a player with age related macula degeneration, it can be very hard to follow the standard white one. This one is much easier for me to focus on at address and to follow in the air. Leading to increased confidence and lower scores. Shot my best round today for several years! Thanks Seed!

Brigid O’Connor (Portlaoise, IE)
Age: 54
Handicap: None Yet as only starting
Great Value for money.

Not sure if my review counts as am just a golf beginner but order arrived, and have lost 2/3 have to say these balls travel further, bought the luminous green as thought they would be easier to see but lost 1 or 2 left or right of greens but that’s more my fault than the product. Will buy again.