Seed SD-15 The Jack | Subscription
Seed SD-15 The Jack | Subscription
Seed SD-15 The Jack | Subscription
Seed SD-15 The Jack | Subscription
Seed SD-15 The Jack | Subscription

Seed SD-15 The Jack | Subscription

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Helps keep you straight.

The Jack is Seed's take on an alignment device, designed to help improve your putting accuracy, alignment and stroke.

The two large side circles create a strong visual alignment aid, allowing you to more easily line the ball to the hole.

The circle device also provides an instant diagnostic tool for the putting stroke, swing path and strike.

A balanced and centred stroke will result in the ball rolling true and straight, with the circles creating a visual affirmation (straight, clean roll). An open or closed putter face, an overly inside or across the line stroke will all cause the circles to “wobble” after impact, indicating a less than perfect strike.

The off-centre roll provides immediate visual feedback regarding the stroke and path. If stroke is an issue, the golfer also can turn the ball 90° and visually see the skid, spin and roll characteristics of the ball from their stroke.

This can be very useful for teaching professionals or anyone who is videoing the putting action looking for more visual feedback.

In research conducted by Seed, 86% of golfers found improved results on 6ft putts by using The Jack over traditional single line alignment device.

The Jack alignment device is available in the SD-01 The Pro one and the SD-15 the country mile. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 30 reviews
Aidan Kinch (Dublin, IE)

Happy with first order. But my most recent order has not yet been delivered by DPD. It was due last Friday. They tell me I'm not at home when deliver attempted, but this is not true. Very frustrated and won't be using DPD again.

Tadhg O Sullivan (Dublin, IE)
Age: 32
Handicap: 24
I’m Sold

Couple rounds under my belt with the SD 15 Jack. So far so good. Nice flight off the tee and the alignment aid does what it says on the tin.

John (Enfield, IE)
Age: 40
Handicap: 13
Hard wearing, good spin, my new favourite ball

I’d tried a few different seeds in the past and on occasion they get scuffed by my short irons, but after two rounds of the SD-15s I’m really happy. They stay unmarked, spin nicely and go long. I’ve found my seed!

Frank Greene (Dublin, IE)
Age: 74
Handicap: 16.6
Fast and lively

I don’t think this ball is suitable for this time of year, as the ground was so firm. I have put them away for the time been, and will introduce them again when the ground softens up. Otherwise it seems a very good ball.

Michael Ryan (Dublin, IE)
Age: 43
Handicap: 18
Value for money ball

Drives and irons nicely. Bought it for putting due to it's markings. Yes ticked that box too.