Seed SD-15 Country Mile - RedAF
Seed SD-15 Country Mile - RedAF
Seed SD-15 Country Mile - RedAF
Seed SD-15 Country Mile - RedAF

Seed SD-15 Country Mile - RedAF

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A great ball for golfers who want distance, durability and feel (and colour).

The long lama is Now RedAF.

The new Matte Red SD-15 coating provides an anti-glare effect with better visibility in the sky and on the ground, particularly on those grey winter days. 

Same low compression core and Surlyn cover.

So why not add some colour to your game. Also available in White & Green.

Remember, 5 boxes Saves you €5/box! Buy with friends or stock up yourself, Win-Win. If you don't want to buy in Bulk, remember you can avail of our lowest price by Subscribing Here.

Customer Reviews

Based on 14 reviews
Stanley Harte (Manorhamilton, IE)
Age: 61
Handicap: 9.3
Seed SD-15 County Mile RedAF

Not too keen on them Maybe its the colour I find it hard to follow
Prefer the SD 01 white and yellow

tom neary (Dublin, IE)
Age: 40
Handicap: 10
Not great in bright conditions

Bought the red & harder version for winter golf and for improved visibility in particular. However, I found the ball flight really hard to follow. Finding them on the ground was a bit easier but still not fantastic

Gerry Mc Clory (Lisburn, GB)
Age: 72
Handicap: 12
Good buy

Good durable ball, bit difficult to see at this time of the year due to its colour mixing with the leaves, looking forward to playing with it in the summer. Have reverted back to my white seed ball.

David Felton (Dublin, IE)
Age: 53
Handicap: 27.8
Seed Red AF

Excellent golf ball , easy to find

Jack Dermody (Galway, IE)
Age: 48
Handicap: 16
Excellent Winter ball

Lovely ball… Went around the first two round with loosing one, so very findable in wet November ground.
The ball has a very nice feel when putting, we compared it to another well known other two piece and ProV… Very hard to tell off the putter the difference between the Seed and the ProV..
Hard tell around greens it is winter and everything stops in winter...