SD-02 & Bunker Mag
SD-02 & Bunker Mag

SD-02 & Bunker Mag

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Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
David (Dublin, IE)
Age: 41
Handicap: 13
Great value balls and no difference between ProV1x's

Tried the SD 1s previously, and found them same as Titleist equivalent so went for the 2's this time. Similar story, no difference in performance and spin - these balls will be in my bag going forward!

Robert dillon (Dublin, IE)
Age: 24
Handicap: 18
Sd 02 review

Great value for money,

Great spin from my wedges even up to my 7 iron stopping within a foot of impact

Sean O’Rourke (Moate, IE)
Age: 38
Handicap: 7.7

This ball is the only thing you use for every shot so make it a good one. Seed for me is the total package, long off the tee and easy to control around the greens.
I find the bunker mag a great little touch to my order and if you have not tried the tee’s your missing out.
I’ve dropped from a handicap of 14 to 8 in the last 3 years and I put a lot of it down to using a golf ball that suits my game, if you keep changing between balls you’ll never get to know how your ball works.
Choose smart and choose Seed.


Mark Hanly (Dublin, IE)
Age: 55
Handicap: 14
Golf Classic order

Ordered golf balls with our logo. Order completed and delivered within 5 days. We'll done Seed golf

Brian Moynihan (Tralee, IE)
Age: 45
Handicap: 3.8
Super golf balls

Really like the Seed 02 golf ball. Just feels right and performance is very consistent. I know how the ball is going to react, whether it's a bump and run or a spin shot.

As for putting, the ball comes off the putter head consistently and rolls really well.

The price is right too and I'm happy to support an Irish company that is creating a great product.