First Look - The New SD-05

The SD•05 was Seeds take on the soft feel trend, originally developed as a low compression urethane covered tour ball for slower swingers.

The new 2021 SD•05 comes with several subtle performance upgrades, focused around improving feel and increasing driver distance. The new SD-05 is targeted at golfers with low to medium swing speeds, designed to give maximum distance without losing any club face feel or spin control around the greens.

The new Seed range now offers 3 performance variants in a tour grade, urethane covered ball construction, designed to offer golfers of all swing speeds and abilities a premium performance ball that will suit their game for less.

Ball fitting is becoming more important and the new Seed range gives every golfer a ball option to help 'Play Your Game'

The new SD•05 design features a larger Low Compression core that's been optimised for maximum driver performance at lower swing speeds.

The new formula mantle layer is designed to work in tandem with the new, thinner urethane cover to increase balls speed while still maintaining the soft feel the SD-05 is renowned for.

Take a look, they're back in stock & now shipping.

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