First Look - Seed SD Golf Bags

Well, they've been a looooong time coming, but the new Seed golf bag range is on the way.

It's taken nearly two years of development, and this project is one we're quite proud of.

Every bag has been designed with the golfer in mind, and how they'll be used out on the course. The features are all there to serve a purpose, and to make life easier for you on the links.

Need to keep your score card handy (& dry)? 

No problem, there's a magnetic pocket for that.

Need to keep your valuables dry & secure?

No problem, there's a velour lined waterproof pocket for that.

(The bag is water resistant too)

Need to organise your gear in the large apparel pocket?

No problem, there's an extra zipped internal mesh pocket to help.

Ever wanted to take a quick selfie or vid out on the course?

No problem, there's an ingenious mobile phone holder that self levels so you can take shots/video with ease.

Need somewhere to store your laser or GPS device?

No problem, there's either a large carabiner or a magnetic, velour lined pocket for that.

You don't always carry, but still want access to your storage/pockets when you use a golf cart?

No problem, there's a cart strap tunnel built in (underneath the pockets) that keeps the bag secure & still gives you full use of all the pockets.

Wanna look good when you travel?

No problem, there's a 'collection' of products that all match, so you're travel cover is the same as your bag is the same as you practice bag etc. (hey, it can't hurt to look good out there)

And lastly, do you wanna do the right thing as well?

No problem. The yarn we've used on all our bags is made from recycled single use plastic bottles. 27 bottles are removed from the environment to make one SD-27 bag.

Look good. Feel good. Play good.

The entire range is available for Pre Order now.

Go check them out here

(and big shout out to our lead product designer, Kevin Hannafin. Superb job on these!)