First Look - SD-34 Putting Mat

Putting mats, at first glance, look like they're fairly simple accessories. Most are green mats that offer some sort of indoor putting experience.

However, not all mats are made equal.

Depending on the type and quality of fibers used, there can be a difference between realistic practice and something that doesn't really help once you're out on real green.

The SD-34 is as realistic as we could make an indoor putting mat... it's stimped at 10 so as to replicate medium-to-fast green speeds. The mat is just under 8ft in length, offers a variety of practice lengths without taking up too much space on the lounge room floor.

The backing is made from a heavy duty rubber, designed to roll out flat every time and stay in place once on the floor.

Several distance markers run the length of the rectangular mat, with gate markings for our matching training gate system (sold separately or in a bundle). The green centre 'stripe' provides another marking designed to allow you to gauge your arc, path and ultimately the roll of each putt.

The SD-50 Putting Gates work in tandem with the various drills, including a long-distance drill, a pace drill, and alignment drill and a 'touch' drill. A series of 'games' have been developed also, to help add variety and make practice more interesting (instructions included).

Check it out here: ➡️   Seed Putting Trainer Bundle