First Look - SD-02 3rd Generation


The SD-02 is one of our most popular balls and is designed to perform in very specific conditions. If you play links golf (particularly here in Ireland) you’ll understand the need to control your ball flight through the wind. A strong penetrating trajectory that’s not affected by the wind is essential to links golf. It’s why we developed the SD-02, and why it’s sometimes called ‘The Links Ball’.

In the recent My Golf Spy Golf Ball Test (2023) the SD-02 was named as one of the longest balls for high swing speed (irons) and remarked that the SD-02 ‘flew noticeably lower than other balls tested’.

That’s by design, and that design has been further improved for 2024.

The 3rd Generation SD-02 design sees Seed push the boundaries of what ‘links’ performance can be, by improving overall distance while still providing a strong, penetrating trajectory through the wind.

The new SD-02 has a larger core for more speed and distance, the firmer inner mantle helps extend the graduation of firmness through the core & mantle while the more elastic outer mantle layer works to reduce spin and optimise ball flight. It also has one of the thinnest cast urethane covers in golf.

This improves ball speed for distance, lowers spin for flight control on the longer clubs and increases feel off the club face.

All-in-all, a noticeable improvement from the previous SD-02 and probably the best ball we’ve ever made

The new SD-02 3rd Gen will be available from February 2024


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