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Cheap, not nasty.

Look, we’re all going to lose a few balls out there, but it doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice performance or use a second hand ball to save money.The Seed SD-01 costs 50% less than the comparable market leader without compromising performance so you can play your game.

How is that possible?

We ship direct from the factory to you cutting out 2-3 layers of cost, we don’t pay million dollar tour pro endorsement contracts and we haven’t spent our R & D money on a large range of golf balls models – just the best performing in each key category.


Seed Golf 50% less price

Our balls are really, really tricky.


Premium, professional quality golf balls are really difficult to make. Our products are developed by a small team of young designers and experienced engineers.

We are obsessed with performance and will make every effort to provide the best possible value for our customers, within an advanced design concept. Rather than offering ten different golf ball models, we focus on the best model for each performance category. This leads to significant cost savings in the development as well as in the production process.

Our design process focused heavily around aerodynamic performance (fluid dynamics more specifically) particularly Magnus and aerodynamic force and the subsequent effects on lift and drag. For a golfer, this is translated into three important performance criteria – launch angle/ball speed, distance and spin/feel. To achieve our performance aims we worked within four key design elements – Core, Mantle, Cover and Dimple Pattern.