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SD-57 The Paddy Cap

SD-57 The Paddy Cap


SD-57 The Paddy Cap

Seed Golf Balls - 5 Star Rated

– Traditional Flat Cap design
– Closed back, available in two sizes
– Subtle Seed branding, on back only
– 100% Pure Cotton 

– Now Shipping


Seed caps have been designed without excessive branding making them perfectly suitable for wear on or off the golf courses, and our Paddy Cap its a great example of this.

A traditional flat peak design, this one harks back to days of yore and still looks good in the pub or on the course (it’s our personal favourite actually). Buck the fan boy branding, and go for something with a little more style.

Limited Edition: 100 pcs only

DOGTOOTH CHECK: A stylish black/grey/white check.

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58cm, 60cm

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