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SD-01 (Subscription)

SD-01 (Subscription)

From: 25.00 every 6 months

5.00 out of 5
3 Reviews
(3 customer reviews)

Seed Golf Balls - 5 Star Rated



– 3 Piece Tour Grade Construction
– Cast Urethane Cover for increased feel and spin control
– 336 Dimple Pattern optimised for stronger ball flight


This is your new ball (or the guy who finds it in the woods).

Soft urethane cover gives you the control you need from 100 yards in, and the confidence to go for all your shots. You’ll be backing this thing up from everywhere. 3 piece construction gives you better launch angle and the DuPont™ HPF Mantle works together with core and cover for control and a great soft feel.

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3 reviews for SD-01 (Subscription)

  1. mcdonaldpe

    Great ball. It’s great for one hop and stop shots and feels great off a milled putter face too. I’ve played 3 or 4 round with a ball before heavy marking/scuffs are very apparent. Will be putting another order in

  2. seanfurlongtaxi

    I am a ,6 handicap .I used to play pro v and the likes.
    After ordering the SD1 , I now have the same quality & performance for a lot less money.
    Love the ball !

  3. Paul

    Play off 14 having started again after a 15 year break. Bought standard premium balls from the well known manufacturers for the first few months. Tried these and can honestly say I see no real drop off in performance at all. In fact off the tee with a driver, I think SD01 is giving me a more penetrating flight. Hard to describe, but it has a satisfying, “heavy” feel when you catch one. Highly recommended.

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