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  • How it’s made.

    Are our Golf Ball’s any good? The question we’re most often asked (after ‘are your balls any good?) is ‘how…

    by Dean Klatt
  • Understanding Dimples.

    The Effects of Golf Ball Dimple Configuration on Aerodynamics and Trajectory   A golf ball is one of the most…

    by Dean Klatt
  • Best Brand Award

    Seed wins Silver Medal in 2016 Best Bands Awards Many people questioned our choice of brand name when we started…

    by Dean Klatt
  • Welcome to Seed.

    What is Seed Golf?   Seed manufactures Professional quality golf equipment for a fraction of the cost. It’s time to…

    by Dean Klatt
  • The Golf Ball Myth

    The Golf Ball Myth!? Is the golf ball really getting longer? That’s the common myth surrounding golf… golf ball performance…

    by Dean Klatt
  • Why Seed golf may be the right choice for you

    Why Seed?

    You’re paying too much for premium golf balls. How often have you come to the tee, found water down one…

    by Dean Klatt