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SD-15 Country Mile SD-01 The Pro SD-02 The Pro Soft SD-05 The Pro Soft
Driver Distance 317 Yard – USGA Max 317 Yard – USGA Max 317 Yard – USGA Max 317 Yard – USGA Max
Iron Control Hit & Release Hit & Spin Hit & Spin Hit & Spin
Feel Medium Soft Soft Soft Super Soft
Short Game Spin Low High Max High
Durability 4+ Rounds 2+ Rounds 2+ Rounds 2+ Rounds
Cover Material DuPont™ Surlyn™ Cast Urethane Cast Urethane Cast Urethane
Construction 2-Piece 3-Piece 4-Piece 3-Piece
Dimples 355 336 336 332
Launch Angle Lower Tour Low Higher
Trajectory Higher Tour Flat Higher
Compression Low Tour Tour Low
Plays Like: Super Soft Pro V1, TP5 Pro V1x, TP5x Chrome Soft


Dimple Pattern

The dimple pattern controls ball flight, and we have developed three pattern’s with varying dimple sizes, depths and edge shapes to control lift and drag coefficients, force angle and spin ratios.

A slice or hook shot shape is due mainly to the ball’s spinning motion (about its vertical axis) and the Magnus effect, causing a horizontal force that moves the ball away from a straight line in its flight. As an example, with our 336 dimple pattern, we aimed to reduce the effects of Magnus force to reduce the severity of the slice or hook. This design creates the best combination to optimise lift, carry and roll for all golfers, not just tour players.

The Cover

The cover on our PRO balls (SD-01, SD-02 & SD-05)is a thermoset cast urethane, for professional-grade feel and spin control. Backspin on a golf ball causes a vertical force that counteracts the force of gravity slightly, and enables the ball to remain airborne a little longer. This allows the ball to travel further than a non-spinning ball. The softer urethane cover of the SD-01 and SD-05 helps increase spin rates, providing more backspin (if struck correctly, of course) and a great soft feel.

The Mantle

The mantle layer is found inside our 3 piece ‘tour’ balls and is used to improve feel and control. Our mantles are a high performance DuPont HPF resin which performs multiple roles within the SD-01, SD-02 and SD-05. On full speed swings (driver, long irons) the mantle works with the core to increase spin and improve feel. Our mantle layer’s were developed to maintain faster ball speeds and to meet our compression and feel targets.

The Core

The core helps us control compression, driver spin rates and overall ball speed. The USGA regulates ball velocity and we have designed various core formulation’s to deliver the maximum speed allowed for each model, while controlling compression to provide the feel required.