SD-15 Country Mile | RedAF - LOOSE GOLF BALLS
SD-15 Country Mile | RedAF - LOOSE GOLF BALLS
SD-15 Country Mile | RedAF - LOOSE GOLF BALLS
SD-15 Country Mile | RedAF - LOOSE GOLF BALLS
SD-15 Country Mile | RedAF - LOOSE GOLF BALLS

SD-15 Country Mile | RedAF

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Love the SD-15 Reds? Well why not stock up with some loose balls. These are the exact same balls as our bestselling Jacks. Only difference - they're not in their usual sleeves and box. 

Don't worry, we'll still wrap these up for you and ship them carefully but they won't be in their usual sleeves and box. Who wants that extra waste anyways? AND you can grab these at a discount!

These are actually the balls we as staff play with but we've now decided to to let you in on this deal(while they last)!

The SD-15 Reds in packaging start at €20/dozen. 

Save by buying in bulk with no packaging. From €1/Ball! 

24 Balls - €29 
(Save €9)
48 Balls - €55 
(Save €13)
96 Balls - €96 (Save €24)

A great ball for golfers who want distance, durability and feel (and colour).

The long lama is Now RedAF.

The new Matte Red SD-15 coating provides an anti-glare effect with better visibility in the sky and on the ground, particularly on those grey winter days. 

Same low compression core and Surlyn cover.

So why not add some colour to your game.

BTW, our SD-25 Shag Bag can hold 100+ balls. If the 15s aren't your usual gamers, never mix your range balls up again filling it will some SD-15 RedAf balls.

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Patrick Donnell (Waterford, IE)
Age: 54
Handicap: 11

Good feel golf ball good distance would recommend it

Adrian Murphy (Wexford, IE)
Age: 40
Handicap: 18.7

Excellent ball at an unbelievable price

joshua orahilly (Dublin, IE)
Age: 22

Great balls and delivered in one day , only problem hard to find with colour of balls with winter weather and leaves but is understandable , no issues other wise

Neil Randles (Greystones, IE)
Age: 58
Handicap: 9

Ideal for winter golf

Ronan McDermott (Dublin, IE)
Age: 53
Handicap: 19.8
The Ultimate Test

As a 19 Hcp golfer, prone to missing the odd fairway , autumn leaves provide a seasonal challenge in finding a wayward tee shot in the rough. There is no greater disappointment in golf than a lost ball. Particularly if the ball is on its maiden and cost you €5. The offer, therefore, of loose golf balls from an Irish company at €1.25 a ball was too good to miss. Green AF and Red AF Country Mile. What could go wrong? Well, I’ve had a bad couple of rounds with the driver and put the ball conspicuity to the test. No problem with distance. The balls travel as far as my regular Bridgestone E6s. The Green AF ball has done ok, though I have lost a few in circumstances where I would have expected to find them. The Red AF ball I have found hard to pick up in flight on full days and has proven a real headache to find among the deep red autumn foliage. Were I a better golfer, there would be less of an issue. Bright Yellow or white probably a better option for this time of year. Happy to have given them a go at a very reasonable price. Will definitely try other Seed balls as I like the products and was impressed with customer service. Great to see and support Irish businesses getting into previously untapped markets. Will let you know how I get on with the next order.