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Seed Golf Affiliate Programme

How does an Affiliate programme work?

The Seed Affiliate program is a great way to earn revenue through your online presence, and share the Seed story with your friends and followers. Our brand offers a great point of difference and our attractive commission structure allows you to generate revenues from your recommendations.

Here’s how it works:

How do I make money from the Affiliate Programme? 

That’s easy.  Just sign up on the affiliate area of our page, and we’ll provide with a customised web link to the site. You can attached that link to your site, a banner on your site or even your social posts. You’ll earn a commission whenever a visitor purchases via your web link, and sales are tracked automatically, and we pay you a percentage of every sale made.


Number of Current Seed Golf Affiliates

I’m in. What happens next?

Once you sign up via our affiliate page, we provide you with a unique website link (URL)  to use and share with your friends and followers.

We offer a fixed commission of 10% per product that you sell in a completed transaction by referring sales from your unique URL to our online shop.

Your traffic will be managed through our affiliate tracking system. If any of the customers you drive to us purchases a product from us,  you will see this sale in your Affiliate Area and a commission will be allocated. This system tracks in real time so as soon as the item leaves our warehouse, your commission is allocated to your account.

Affiliates can use the commission towards a purchase of Seed product on the site, either for your own use or for a give-away.
And don’t forget, you can use the links you generate to promote and earn via social media platforms just be adding your affiliate link to your posts. Its an easy and non-invassive way to start generating sales.

We want this to work for both off us, and have a dedicated affiliate manager in place to ensure you get the best results (and to help you get started). Sign up today.