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What, exactly, is a Seed?

What, exactly, is a Seed?
17th November 2017 Dean Klatt

Seed Golf ?

The name of a new company has always intrigued me. Just exactly why was Nike called Nike all those years ago?

Often times a company name can be inventive or descriptive. It can be the founders name, or something strong and powerful. And sometimes it has connections, real emotional connections, and memories of friends and family. For Seed Golf, I found out recently that’s no different.

Australian’s have a seemingly never-ending supply of slang terms, shortened words and nicknames for just about everything (we all know the usual ones let’s admit it !).

After a few days of working here, it struck me that Seed was a slightly unusual name for a golf company so I asked our founder Dean (an Australian) where the name came from.

This is what he told me (and he swears this is all true):

I was playing a competition round back at my old club in Australia with a couple of good mates.

I’m waiting on the 1st tee for the fairway to clear and one of the guys is running late & rummaging around in his bag by the side of the tee.

“K” he says to me.

“K, what seed ya got”

I have no idea what he’s talking about so I just ignore him, and focus on the high fade I’m about to crush down the fairway.

Undeterred, he persists with the interrogation.



Continued blank stares from me.

Frustrated now, he asks again


“Ball! What ball ya got”

Ahhh, gotcha

This was years ago and always struck Dean as kind of a funny thing to call a ball. It turned out his mate had done a little caddying on the Pro tour in Australia and Japan and had picked up that Pro’s (Aussie pro’s anyway) would sometimes use Seed as a slang term for a golf ball.

When it came time for Dean to name his new golf ball business, well really there was only ever one choice, Seed.

So there you have it.

And I suppose in a roundabout way, it summarises what we do at Seed Golf. We don’t take ourselves too seriously and we like to have a little fun while we’re out there.

We certainly don’t claim to be professionals but what we do offer tour quality professional balls, ones that perform just as well as any out there, but only cost half as much.

So next time you’re on the first tee with your mates, ask them ‘What’s your Seed”

If they stare back at you blankly, you’ll now have the story.

(and Seed really is the perfect name for a golf ball when you think about it)