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Do we need to do ‘something about the ball’?

Do we need to do ‘something about the ball’?
10th November 2017 Dean Klatt

Tiger Wood’s certainly seems to think so.

In a recent podcast interview he said “We need to do something about the golf ball. I just think the ball is going too far.”

In Tiger’s prime he was considered one of the long hitters on Tour, regularly averaging around 300 yards off the tee. Today, that’s not so impressive.  There’s more than 50 pro’s whose driving distance average exceeds 300 yards, with 10 players averaging 320-plus.

He is right though, driving distance is getting a little scary out there, but it’s not the ball.

All golf balls, regardless of brand, can only go a certain distance (regulated by the USGA). That number is a theoretical 317 yards of total distance, and that means Dustin Johnson and you are using basically the same ball. It might be tweaked a little for DJ, but it’s the same ball.

Your eyes aren’t deceiving you though, the modern golf pro is seriously longer than any era previous.

But to blame just the ball is over simplifying the problem.

Improvements in equipment technology overall have helped… shaft, weight, material, design. Matching that technology to an individual golfer has helped (i.e custom fitting) , coaching is 1000% better than when it was when I was a junior and just look at the strength & fitness of the modern golf pro… guys like Koepka, Scott, Johnson, Day (with apologies to Beef)…. they’re professional athletes, not just professional golfers.

It’s not the balls fault, and to scale it back would be foolish. Just ask the 99% of regular golfers (that’s you & I) who don’t hit it 320 off the tee. As the pro’s get longer, golf courses will continue to get longer too. If anything, we’d argue the ball should be going further for the average guy.

And here’s a fun fact. It can be done.

When developing the SD-01, we started playing around here with various designs and core compressions, sort a ‘what if’ scenario. The results? We found we could engineer a ball to fly roughly 12% further than today’s standard.

Imagine that.

If you average 240 off the tee (which is the rough average) then we could, in theory, get you a ball that plays to 268.

Now, that ball wouldn’t be legal, but it sure sounds like fun.

You can check out the current (legal) Seed ball range here and let us know what you think, would you use an ‘illegal’ ball?