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Why Seed?

Why Seed?
22nd May 2016 Dean Klatt
Why Seed golf may be the right choice for you

You’re paying too much for premium golf balls.

How often have you come to the tee, found water down one side and thought about changing your new ball for an old one. Or been faced with a long water carry to the green, and decided to lay up. Chances are, you didn’t want to lose that expensive ball.

You shouldn’t have to pay a premium price because of a brands multi-million dollar marketing budget, and you shouldn’t have to sacrifice performance to save money.

Why Seed?

We created Seed because of our desire to ditch the BS and cut out the price inflation that comes with popular brand names and the billion dollar companies behind them.

We were frustrated by the never ending marketing hype, the lack of genuine performance gains and the expensive cost of high performance balls. So we set out to use our industry knowledge to change all that.

We’ve spent over a year working with industry leaders to develop an affordable, high performance golf ball that we know everyone will love.

Seed proves you don’t have to pay a fortune to use premium golf equipment and you don’t have to sacrifice performance to save money.